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The images here are mainly of Military aircraft taken at various airshows and events around Europe, although civilian aircraft participants are also included along with a few rare trips to civilian airports which have been used in the past to keep my hand in out of the airshow season.

Not all the images will conform to some peoples expectations of what an aircraft photograph should be, I like to mix and match with different crops and sizes as well as converting to B&W and colour tinting. I have also started experimenting with HDR.

Feedback always appreciated.

Click the years below to be taken to each individual years selection of images, since the relaunch several years have yet to be fully completed please check back regularly for updates.

Move the mouse over the year to see a list of locations of the photo reports.

 Mildenhall Special Report
 2010  2009

 HDR - Aviation Art

Special Schemes & Nose Art

 Airfield Weather

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